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There are many different types of religion out there that people are affiliated with. When you are looking for a long term relationship, finding someone that shares that same religion is often very important. It is also something that most people would like to have in common with their friends. It is also a great place to find people to study the Bible with. Talking about how you interpret particular passages compared to others can be an eye opening adventure.

That is the basis behind, an online dating and meeting site. It can take the pressure of being able to find people that do share your religion because people that are members all understand how important it is. There are over 500,000 members right now from all over the world and that cover all the various religions out there. If you feel isolated in your own religion, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to reach out to others.

That should encourage you to get your own profile up as part of Many people are disappointed though and put it off due to the length of the questionnaire. While it does take longer than with other online dating sites, you will be glad you filled it out. The additional information helps to ensure that you are going to be matched up with those you are highly compatible with on many levels, including your religion.

You don’t have to add a photo to your profile if you don’t want to when you are a member of While most people do want to share a photo, not everyone is comfortable doing so. Many online dating sites make this a requirement but not this one. The goal is to make it comfortable for all members. That is just one more way that goes the extra mile for all members.

As soon as you have your profile in place, you can start to see what other people have to offer that are members of You can feel free to contact those that the system matches you up with. However, you aren’t obligated to do so if you want to pass on some of those connections.

You are also encouraged to contact other people though that you would like to, even if your profile isn’t matched up with theirs. You will have access to both email and instant messaging to send them information. You will also be notified when you have received replies from other members.

This is a very respectful online community, and so you won’t have to be bothered by rude comments or sexual come ons as you do with other online sites. There is a great deal of moderating going on behind the scenes at to help ensure that such individuals are banned from the site.

There are plenty of interesting things to do in the chat rooms as well. There are some chat areas that are specifically related to discussing religion or the Bible. However, others are places for people to make new friends and to discuss an array of other topics as well. Make sure you check out the chat rooms on a regular basis to stay connected with the other members of

There is plenty of other terrific information always offered as well. Both the magazines and the blogs offer plenty to inspire you and to motivate you to look for more. You will find access to the archived materials as well so don’t worry if you missed out on earlier information.

One of the great features about is that it offers three different languages. You can choose from English, Spanish, and even Portuguese. This means people that want to be a member aren’t discouraged due to the language barriers that often exist on many online dating sites.

No matter what types of new relationships you want to consider, allows you to do easily. They also allow you to do so with your religion being a very solid part of what develops. It is such dedication to the needs of people with a strong religious conviction to be able to have a community where they feel welcome and they have their needs met.




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